A mom of three saw him on Facebook, and knew she had to adopt

Sometimes good things come in small packages. That's certainly the case for eight-year-old Ryan. Ryan was born in Bulgaria and lived the first seven years of his life in an orphanage where they were not equipped to take care of his many special needs. As a result, he was mostly ignored and left to die. But he didn't. And when Priscilla Morse saw pictures of the boy on Facebook, she and her husband, David, knew they were meant to adopt him.

But when they arrived at the orphanage, what greeted them was a little boy so malnourished that hair covered his entire body, and he sat on the brink of death. The family rushed Ryan home to Tennessee and to the hospital as quickly as possible where they were told by a doctor that Ryan would not live.

After a month of care, and a feeding tube, love, and lots of prayer, Ryan came home. Not only has he lived, but he's continued to gain an additional fifteen pounds. Ryan's now enrolled as a third grader, and though he has a long road of recovery ahead, he also has parents who will stand by him every step of the way.

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