As a parent, the only thing I dread about easter egg decorating is the inevitable mess that comes with it.

This year, when Eggmazing wanted to partner with Kids Activities to show a new no mess way to color Easter eggs my answer was...YES!!!

No Mess Easter Egg Decorating

The only supplies you need to decorate eggs this way is the Eggmazing kit. Nothing else.

No water, no dyes, no mess. Just the Eggmazing device and the markers that come in the kit...well, you need eggs too of course.

The Eggmazing is a device where after you hard boil your eggs for decorating you place them inside of the device and turn it on. Once the Eggmazing is on it starts spinning the egg and you use the provided markers to draw around the egg as it is spinning.

The process is super fun and the results look AMAZING. The possibilities for different colors and patterns to draw on the eggs are endless so kids can decorate eggs for hours without running out of cool ideas!

The markers that come in the Eggmazing kit are quick dry so you can pick your egg up almost immediately without making a mess!

We created several different designs. My daughter is only 3 and she loved playing with it too! The Eggmazing is REALLY easy to use for all ages.

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