It's hard to see a horse this tiny and not smile your ears off...

...but it isn't just the horse that's going to make you smile in this video. This video taken on a farm somewhere in who-knows-whereville, USA shows a horse that looks like an even tinier version of Lil' Sebastian from Parks and Recreation chasing a grown man. And it is adorable. The tiny mane flicking. The hooves pounding on the ground with all their little itty bitty might...but what might be the cutest part of all this is the sound of the very grown man as he's being chased.

"She's chasing me!" he starts out, as he runs away from the lil' baby lil' cutie patootie. And you can hear the grin in his voice. And the heavy breathing, because, let's face it, it's hard to have your heart explode from cuteness and be chased by a tiny baby miniature horse at the same time. "She's chasing me! Do you see it? She's chasing me!"

He. Is. So. Excited.

And as the video ends you don't know which you want to hug more: the little bitty baby horse, or the grown man who is so obviously in love with it.

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