...and Santa instantly delivers!

Taking kids to sit on Santa's lap for Christmas is a tradition many of us would never give up, but it's also sometimes just a little scary wondering what our littles are going to say once they're up there. Not that it's ever been bad, but kids are unpredictable. That's the one thing you can count on with certainty with kids: the fact that you absolutely can not count on what they're going to say.

And these parents found that out first hand when they took their sweet toddler to go see Santa. From the moment she starts walking up to Santa it looks as if she has something very important on her mind. And when she settles in, Santa gets right down to business. "What do you want for Christmas?" he asks.

This precious little one rubs her eye with one little fist and in probably the sweetest voice ever says, "I want to take a nap."

And Santa delivers. Scooching down in his chair, Santa lets the little girl lean her weary head on his shoulder. "Santa does, too," he says before closing his eyes to rest.

We all do, kiddo. We all do.

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