He wanted his son to have a sense of purpose.

Andrew was three when his family found out he had autism. His mom did all the heavy lifting of raising him and caring for him as a kid, but as he got older it became clear to his dad, John, that if he didn't find a way to help Andrew be self-sufficient, he'd have to be cared for by others for the rest of his life.

"People with autism like repetitive tasks," John says. They have great attention to detail and want to do things right. They also like to have fun. That's why John created Rising Tide Car Wash. The car wash employees a little over 40 people, 35 of whom are on the autism spectrum. They have fun. Surrounded by their peers, they take their tasks seriously and do great work for the customers.

The best part is that each of them have a sense of purpose now. According to John, about 90% of adults with life-impacting autism are unemployed. And there's no reason for that. He wanted to show his son that he could work, but he's done so much more - he's shown the world the value of someone who has purpose.

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