It starts out as a stretchy goo, but melts in your hands!

Anything that gets kids excited in science is good. When we were little, our parents got us (me and my two brothers) a chemistry set for Christmas one year. I loved that set. I loved trying the experiments and figuring out how things worked. Thankfully there was nothing in there that could cause an actual 'bad' reaction, but as the years have passed kits have become a thing of the past. Now there are so many tutorials about how to make things using chemicals we have around the house that there's no excuse not to try fun science experiments with your kids.

And boy is this one fun! This project will teach your kids how to make oobleck (a non-newtonian substance) using a potato! Anyone who has made oobleck before probably used corn starch to make it happen, but following the steps here, you can show your kids how to actually extract potato starch and create the same effect.

Bonus, rather than using plain water to make the oobleck, they use tonic water. Tonic water glows under a black light, which will make your oobleck glow, too. Like I said, kids are going to LOVE this project. And what's not to love? Goo, glowing, mess - pretty much every kid's idea of a dream day.

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