What’s on your essential list when it comes to a homemade Christmas gift?

For us, when we’re choosing homemade Christmas gifts kids can make, I think there are three essential requirements.

  • The gift needs to be easy to make, so the children can do as much of it as possible themselves.
  • It needs to encourage the children to think about the recipient and personalize the gift to suit them.
  • The end product needs to appealing. In all other art and craft projects we do, we focus on enjoying the process. But I think when we’re making a gift especially to give to someone else whilst we want to enjoy the making we also should give a thought to the end product, and aim for a gift that the recipient will really enjoy.

So here’s a homemade gift idea from my daughters that fits the bill. These DIY brooches are simple to make, can be customised to perfectly suit the recipient and look great too. Be sure to come back and let the Kids Activities Blog readers know about your favorite color combinations for your DIY brooch.


To make these brooches you will need a few small pieces of fabric, a sewing needle and thread, and a brooch clip. Buttons, beads and sequins make nice added extras.

  • First pick out your fabric. Think about what the gift recipient likes to wear, or what their favorite color is. My daughters love to mix and match a few different fabrics, with a variety of fabric textures and patterns.


  • Once you’ve decided on your fabric, cut out your brooch shapes. A simple circle works really well, but hearts are cute too. Cut out four or five pieces from your fabric, all the same shape but getting smaller and smaller so you can layer them together.
  • Place the fabric shapes one on top of the other and fasten them together using a few simple stitches. Adding a button, bead or sequin to the centre finishes off the brooch well. You could also use fabric glue to add beads or sequins to the fabric layers.

Use your thread to stitch a brooch pin on the back, and your gift is ready. They look great wrapped in tissue paper and presented in a little gift box.