She knew she had to help him in a big way!

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. was a paramedic when he left everything behind to move to Philadelphia. A veteran. A man who had spent his life trying to do the right thing. Then, shortly after his arrival, Johnny lost all of his paperwork - driver's license, social security card, birth certificate - everything that proves who he is - and after spending his entire savings on finding places to sleep, Johnny found himself homeless.

That was a year ago.

When Kate McClure's car ran out of gas on an interstate, she was at first leery of the man who approached her. But Johnny, a man who spent his life caring for others, told her to stay in her car and he'd go get her some gas to get her back on her way. Only, Kate didn't have her wallet on her and Johnny had $20, his last $20. And he spent it, to take care of someone else.

Kate knew she had to pay him back, but after visiting with him for a bit, she knew giving him $20 wasn't going to be enough. That's when Kate decided to set up a Go Fund Me account. She was determined to help Johnny get back on his feet, and off the streets.

Now the account has gone viral and Johnny's good deed is showing the world that there are still great people out there. His story is also a reminder that everyone has a purpose, everyone has a story to tell...and when we take the chance to help someone, we could be changing their lives forever.

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