"I'm not afraid we can lose it all because we can lose it all. That's not fear, that's a fact."

In 1999 Jeff Bezos was a fresh faced, intelligent man with intense eyes and an infectious laugh. During an interview with the television show 60 MINUTES, Jeff talked about the company he started, what his goals were, and how he ended up starting Amazon in the first place. What's interesting, though, is that even though at the time Amazon had yet to turn a profit, the whole world was banking on it to win.

And Jeff? Jeff just wanted to live life with as few regrets as possible.

As a kid Bezos was nerdy, his words, but curious. He wanted to explore computers, wanted to understand how the world worked. He cared less about his bad dating track record and more about learning - and became valedictorian of his hih school class because of it. But that love of learning didn't go away after college. While working on wall street, Jeff realized his life would be happier as a creator, rather than a stock broker.

So he and his wife packed up and headed out west, no real destination in mind until they were on the road (that's when they decided on Seattle). Jeff couldn't have known then how he was about to change the world, but as you watch this interview it's hard to imagine him not changing the world.

Humble. Easy to laugh. Brilliant. And now a king of industry. Looking back at this video is a bit like opening a time capsule to a world that hasn't been forgotten, but also has never been the same again.

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