Helpful Phrases to Simplify Parenting

Do you ever feel like you need a motherhood cheat sheet? You know, something to tell you what to say to your kids and when to say it?

At our house, it never fails. 4:00 PM comes around and complete chaos hits.

Daddy's coming through the door, everyone is hungry, the toddler is whiney, mom steps on one of the 500 Legos on the floor....

I could go on, but I think most parents can relate.

It is those moments in parenting that I need a cheat sheet like what these two brilliant moms, Rachel and Lauren, have put together.

These moms got together and wrote a book called 100 Helpful Phrases to Simplify Parenting.

The book is mainly geared towards toddlers and preschoolers. It is filled with helpful resources that can help you work through things like tantrums, power struggles, routines, and so much more.

It is a brilliant book and I love the fact that it what written by 2 mothers!

I hope it helps, we have a preschooler and it is a rough stage!

What are your favorite toddler/preschool parenting resources?