I don't know whether I'm impressed or terrified!

To begin with: this is NOT a video shaming this woman. When women find out they're pregnant, doctor's often advise that they can continue with their current activity levels, barring any distress to the baby. That being said, since this woman was a weightlifter before pregnancy, chances are her doctor had a pretty good idea she'd continue working out through her pregnancy and monitored her progress along the way.

What amazes me, though, is how well she's adapted her moves toward being pregnant! For most of us, pregnancy is a time to kick back a little: less stress, a little more food (amazing pancakes, am I right?), and maybe take things easy. This mom? She did the opposite. Nancy Anderson has been pregnant before and continued working out through that entire pregnancy, as well.

For the most part she's fine. She lifts like normal, does all of her normal activity. But what's really funny are the looks she receives from other people. And who can blame them? I sometimes break a sweat looking at a gym, so for this woman to be ready to pop at any second and doing jumping pushups at the same time is truly an amazing sight to see. Congratulations on the pregnancy, Nancy, and best wishes for you and your future family!

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