We love fall color!

by Andie Jaye

We enjoy Fall coloring sheets, watching our baby’s first experience with coloring, and our collection of Thanksgiving Coloring Pages. Today you can create your own coloring page – Warhol inspired! We at Kids Activities Blog hope you enjoy this fun way to create art.


Fall is here in full effect, turning our neighborhoods into colorful, crisp arrays of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. When I think of bright, vivid colors in art, the classic artist Any Warhol immediately comes to mind. Here is some crayon/watercolor resist art that is inspired by the popart that Warhol is famous for and that reflects the changing of the season.


Before starting the activity, go online with your children and show them some examples of Andy Warhol’s multi-colored popart. Talk about how the same item in many of his pieces is portrayed multiple times in various color combinations. Then it’s time to go in search of what item they will create their art around. They can go outside and find a leaf like in the example above or they can trace/draw a pumpkin, a handprint, an acorn shape, etc. Maybe they’d like to do one of each item in each of the four frames.

After folding the paper into fourths, use a black crayon to outline the creases to create four frames. This will keep the watercolors in each frame from bleeding into each other. Choose four crayon colors and four watercolors to work with. Trace the leaf pattern lightly in pencil. Then each pattern can be colored with a different color crayon. In order to provide the greatest resistance to the watercolors, the crayon should be colored on thickly. Using the four watercolors, paint each square. For this example, the same colors were used in squares that were diagonally-opposite of each other. Ultimately, though, color placement is up to your little artist.


Now it’s your turn to explore and celebrate the beautiful colors that fall has to offer Warhol-style with this art activity. So grab those crayons, watercolors, and paper and get to creating your very own fall pop-art!


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