When it comes to scaring people, it's surprising how much Ellen LOVES being the one behind the prank!

So when AHS: Cult star Sarah Paulson came to her show, Ellen knew she not only had to give her a good old fashion Halloween scare, but it had to be over-the top. See, Sarah makes a living out of scaring the rest of us on her show American Horror Story, so it seemed only right that she have a chance to taste her own medicine.

Only thing is, Sarah does NOT like being scared.

But that just made it all the funnier.

Things started out so simply, too. As Sarah waited to go on the show, Ellen snuck up behind her and let out a really gentle, really almost lame sounding, "Ah ha ha." And Sarah jumped. Not a huge jump, but still a jump.

And as Ellen tells the audience about her 'little' prank, Sarah thinks she's safe and it's all over, but amazingly for us...the scares had only just begun! You have to watch to the very end. This is definitely one of Ellen's best pranks of all time.

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