Sometimes Halloween is WAY more about Tricks than Treats and that's Exactly how Simon felt during the Dancing Pumpkin Man sketch on this past season of America's Got Talent! Take a look!

We've all got different things that make us happy: our children, our careers, our spouses, our beliefs. I like to think that this particular contestant was all about his wicked sense of humor. The dancing pumpkin man, Jack as he prefers to be known, came on stage wearing a full black unitard and a pumpkin for a face. And that's it. Right away it was pretty easy to tell this was a man that would leave Simon completely flummoxed, and as he called him "Simes" right before beginning his dance, we were right.

The amazing thing is, he's not half bad. More than anything, though, is the fact that this crazy guy in his black unitard and funky pumpkin face reminded us all that sometimes life is about nothing more than letting it all hang out, and enjoying the ride.

Not sure where you are today, Jack, but I'm certain you're as ready for Halloween as anyone could be, and I wish you all the tricks and treats you can handle!

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