Reindeer Treat Bags are a cute option to bring to holiday class parties this winter!

by Kim

My daughter’s preschool class is having a Christmas party and everyone is supposed to bring a treat to share. We decided to make these cute little personalized Reindeer Treat Bags.

It’s a really easy project that kids just love. Plus you can use any kind of treat in a snack sized zip-top bag.


What you need to make Reindeer Treat Bags:

  • Clothespin – I got a big pack of these at the dollar store
  • Paintbrush
  • Brown craft paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Small red pom pom
  • Paint pen in silver or white
  • Brown pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue gun or use a craft glue if kids will be making it
  • A super yummy snack in a small bag – I used red and green M&Ms

Start by painting the clothespins brown. This is easy and neatness isn’t too critical which makes it a great project for even young children to do.

Squirt some glue on the front of the clothespin. If I were making these alone, I would just whip out my hot glue gun because I think everything sticks better with hot glue and it certainly dries quickly. But to avoid the whines from my 3 year old as I tried to put the hot glue on “her” reindeer I did let her goop some school glue on the clothespin herself.

Then she stuck the pom pom nose on the tip. The pom poms can be tricky to work with when using craft glue because the glue sort of absorbs into the pom pom. But if you are patient and can hold it in place for a while it will eventually stick on….or if you are sneaky like me, just put a drop of hot glue on it when the little one isn’t looking to be sure that it stays on.

Add the two googly eyes behind the pom pom nose. These will stick great with craft glue.

Clip the pipe cleaner in the clothespin. Pull the ends of the pipe cleaners up and twist. Then do some fancy bends on the ends to make them look like antlers.

Use the paint pen to add a child’s name to the clothespin and clip the reindeer to the treat bag.

Kids love snacks and these reindeer treat bags are a great way to personalize a party favor for your child’s friends.

They also make an extra special snack in your child’s lunch box that you can be sure they won’t try to trade away.