This girl puts dad reflexes to shame!

When you're around little kids, there's a lot of falling. Kids just fall, it's what they do. They're learning to walk, they fall. They play on the playground, they fall. They try to get on the couch, they fall. Kids are really really good at falling. And for the most part it's fine. They double blink a little bit, surprised by the landing, and then get up, shake it off, and start all over again.

This big sister was having a blast entertaining her baby sister when she noticed her start to fall. Now, the baby was already sitting so it wasn't as if she had far to go. Chances are if she'd fallen she would have simply rolled over onto her back and started chewing on her toes. But, rather than let her fall, this big sister dove across the room and caught her mid-tilt. And it's hilarious to see!

We're used to seeing videos of 'dad reflexes' where dad's seem to reach out of nowhere and catch their kids mid-fall, but this is the first time I've seen a sibling actually do the same. And it's stinking adorable. From the looks of things baby never knew anything was happening, but this big sister will always remember the time she saved the day.

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