And just when we thought April was out of the news, she's back!

If you don't know who April the giraffe is, then there's a good chance you've been in a coma over this past year. Who doesn't remember the saga of watching a pregnant giraffe 'ready to give birth any minute' for about two months straight? The drama of watching Oliver pace in his enclosure next door. The breath holding that came from every kick, every contraction, and literally every time she peed. With the birth of baby Tajiri (Taj) it seemed the 'spring of the giraffe' ended, and while yes, watching him be born was amazing...so was resuming life 'pre-giraffe watch'.

After just seven months of post-pregnant-giraffe relaxation, seems April might be expecting once again! The good news is, you won't have to step back into 'baby-giraffe-watch' mode again anytime soon. With giraffe pregnancies lasting between 13-15 months, it'll be 2019 before we expect this newest giraffe bundle to drop. So, congratulations April, and good luck to the folks at Animal Adventure Park! Looking forward to tuning in again...in a little over a year, that is.

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Fake news good job. Did you watch the interview at all? He clearly says he can not confirm nor deny whether April is pregnant again. Yes she has had some mating sessions but that does not take 100% every time.