Kids need a chance to be kids, and this cancer survivor wants to make that happen!

When Kylie Simonds was 8-years- old, she was diagnosed with a type of throat cancer that left her fighting for her life and receiving chemotherapy for the next 46 weeks. At eight, Kylie didn't understand chemo, or why she had to sit with an IV attached to her for six hours at a time. What she did understand is that those long hours meant she didn't get to be a kid.

No running, or even spending time outside. No sitting in the sun. Relaxing on the swings. No life outside of that large pole attached to the IV that kept her alive.

Now that she's thirteen, Kylie understands why she had to have chemo, but she thinks there's a better way. Rather than kids having to sit attached to a large pole, Kylie started thinking about the things she missed out on, and if there were any ways she could have experienced life for those 46 weeks. It all came back to the unit itself, and that's when Kylie came up with a brilliant, elegant, and simple solution: a backpack that lets kids who are experiencing chemo still receive their dose, but without leaving them tethered in place.

Kylie's family is now working on making her dream a reality and has set up a GoFundMe page to create a working prototype so that companies will take interest and get her invention onto the backs of the children who need it.

As for Kylie, she just wants to give other kids like herself hope. Her advice to them is as simple as her invention, "Keep holding on."

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