ADORABLE TODDLER WANTS TO MARRY HIS MOMMY soon as he figures out what that means.

Four-year-old Asher understands a lot of things, but 'engagement' and 'marriage' aren't among them. When his mom Jasmine tries to explain to him that her now-fiance Ian asked her to marry him, Asher's got some important questions. "How long do you have to wear the ring?"

Sure, that makes sense. He wouldn't understand that this is a permanent thing. "Can you take it off at night? How about when you go swimming?" Pretty soon Jasmine realizes she has to redirect Asher or he's never gonna get it.

"Ian asked me to marry him. Isn't that great?"

"But I want to marry you."

Ian wants Asher to understand that he treats mommy well and wants his permission, but as soon as Asher realizes mom is up for grabs, he's not willing to share her. Seems these two are going to have to do a bit more explaining to get Asher on board with this whole engagement and wedding thing. He'll probably get there soon enough...and at very least now Jasmine and Ian will have a funny story to tell at their reception!

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