But when you stay up all night playing with a monster, you're going to get sleepy!

The John Lewis Christmas adverts are one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Every year a new one comes out, and it's just as adorable, and just as amazing as the year before. Remember the dog who dreamed of jumping on the trampoline? Or how about the little kid making friends with the lonely man on the moon? Every year there's a new one and they always leave me smiling. This year was no exception.

When Joe goes to bed one night, he finds he can't sleep...because of the noisy monster under his bed. First, there's the snoring, then the bed shaking. But soon, Joe and the monster become friends and instead of sleeping, they spend the entire night up playing.

Which is fine if you're a monster, but not a little boy. So as Joe struggles to stay awake during the daytime, his new monster friend, Moz, realizes the best thing he can do for his kid-friend is to help him sleep...

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