5 holiday party entertainment for both kids and adults

Here are some useful tips on how to make your holidays a pleasant time for both you and your kids

We all love our children but sometimes we can miss our youth, the time when we could go anywhere and mingle with our friends to our hearts content. When you have kids, you have responsibility. That's for sure. You can't just relax and thoughtlessly giggle and dance as you did before. Uh-uh. On the contrary, you have to keep your eye on your kids, otherwise there will be trouble.

But don't be fret. I personally do not regret having kids at all. Besides, within the last several years I made my own strategy on how to have fun with kids even if they run around me, or moan every 5 second begging me to go home. So, stop beating about the bush, here are my lifesavers:

Idea 1: Take some toys

Take to the holiday party your kids' favorite toys like toy trains, drones, or cars; maybe dolls or books; puzzles or lego - whatever. It doesn't matter. The main idea is to get kids engaged.

Idea 2: Organize some games.

Common, you're old but not that much. Play a little or ... share this idea with kids, they'll make everything themselves! They are lots of different games like: hide-and-seek; competitions like slither race, duck walking, balance beam, etc. (better to make a list of them beforehand); treasure hunt, etc. Don't ever forget the prizes for the winners! You may also tell children you have them (if you really do), so that they have some kind of extra interest in the games.

Idea 3: Take care of kids' food.

I mean it. Children hate eating with adults. They prefer to have their own table with their own food preferably with decoration. Most parents do not want to cook, especially to spend extra time on decorations. I am one of them. I hate it. That's why I usually turn to catering services for that purpose.

Idea 4: DJ, music!

Have your kids' favorite music on the phone, tape (if someone still uses them), or CD. Let kids dance, or again, turn their dancing in a funny game: gather all of them and occasionally stop the music with the word: "Freeze!" They'll love it!

Idea 5: Let professionals care for your kids.

Turn to a professional entertainer . Guilty as charged but I often do it. I love kids really much but sometimes I need some break, some adult space, so to say. Just to breathe freely, gossip a little, laugh and, as my husband usually says, paint the town red.

These are just a few thoughts about it. Throw a party or go to the party with kids and let you both have a great time!