Love Christmas? One of our family’s favorite traditions over the Holidays is sweets, lots and lots of them! Here are more than 40 Christmas Treats!

by Rachel


Penguin Bites – Made with nutter butters!

Elf Rice Krispie Treats – these totally look like little elf hats!

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies – I totally don’t need to say any more!

Christmas Crack – You won’t believe how easy it is to make this festive recipe!

Christmas Tree Brownies – All you need is a wedge pan and green frosting!

Fudge Inside Cookie Cutters – What a cute way to gift fudge! Inside a cookie cutter!

Snowman Cookies – Sugar cookies couldn’t be any easier to decorate.

Buck-Eye Brownie Cookies – The best mix of chocolate and peanut butter!


Cookie Butter – It’s a spreadable cookie – delish!

Holiday Mug Cake – You can enjoy your own cake, in a mug!

Pretzel Reindeer – This Christmas cookie recipe is super easy and chocolatey to make!

Snowman Bark – What a cute way to decorate your bark!

Create Pretzel Log Cabins – Who wants to have a gingerbread house, when you can have a log cabin?


Sleeping Snowman in Hot Coco – Relax along with your snowman, in a mug of coco!

Angel Pretzel Pops – What a cute crossover from a cookie and a pretzel!

Pecan Pie Cookies – Like Pecan pie? Try these cookies! Even better.


Star Studded Sugar Cookies – a tried and true Sugar cookie recipe!

Snowflake Cookies – These are almost too pretty to eat!

Strawberry and Cream Santas – the easiest healthy treat!

Snowman Truffles – What a cute way to decorate truffles!

Snowman Donut Pops – How easy to make a Christmas treat. Put donuts on a stick as a snowman.

Get your Grinch on – 25 Christmas Snacks

Grinch Cupcakes – super easy and fun! Sure to ward off the grinch from your Christmas party!

Reindeer Bites – made from hotdogs and biscuits!

Santa Topped Cheesecake Bites – Super simple and these are yummy!

Oreo Pops – Want something “fancy” and fun but don’t have time? These take seconds to make.


Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers – Just use green-dyed, melted white chocolate and pretzels!

Elfy Cupcakes – Decorate your cupcakes with elf hats.

Healthy Grinch Fruit Snack – Green apples just got a grin with this Holiday snack idea!

Chocolate Covered Cherries – YUM! Brownie covered cherries! They are as good as you could imagine.

Edible Melting Snowman – in playdough form!

Stained Glass Cookies – Super fun to make. Use jolly ranchers next time!


Peppermint Bark – the layers in this bar are super tasty.

Grinch Cookies – A new staple on your holiday cookie table.

Snowman Recipes and Ideas for the Christmas Cookie Plate

Christmas Tree Cookies – Decorating the tree gets a whole new meaning with these cookies.

Peppermint Stick Mice – ADORABLE!!

Peppermint Patties – Easy to make and addictive!

Marshmallow Top Hats – Transform a marshmallow into a top hat with this tutorial.

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