Make lunch time fun this season with these Halloween food ideas.

by Rebecca

Do you need a Halloween snack for a Fall party?

Here at the Kids Activities Blog we know that kids want a “spook-tacular” Halloween lunch and you can make it happen with these fun Halloween food ideas and easy-to-prepare Halloween Snack ideas.


Ever since my post a few weeks ago about Fun Ideas for Kids Lunches, I have been patiently planning a fun-filled, “spook-tacular” lunch for my kiddos for Halloween. There are a TON of fun ideas all over the internet, so while my kids are at school, I have been running a test kitchen to see which of these ideas really do turn out like their Pinterest pictures, and which ones are flops. Friends, I am not patient and delicate, so I need ideas that are easy!! And the below ideas are that – easy & CUTE!!

How To Make a Mummy Sandwich:

These are so easy, we make them every year! You just add a spread some tomato sauce onto a piece of bread, cut a few thin slices of mozzarella cheese, and lay them over the sauce, then add a couple of olives for the eyes and cook in a toaster oven for a couple of minutes and they’re DONE!

Here is a Fantastically, Spooky Lunchtime Meal your kiddos will remember:

Pumpkin Quesadillas: Lots of different ways to make this yummy item. We took 2 plain flour tortillas and cut out the pumpkin’s face with a knife. Add a slice of American Cheese and lightly cook it in a pan on the stove on the bottom side. Let it cool for a few minutes, then “cut” the pumpkin shape out with a cookie cutter. We found orange tortillas at the store too, but they were sun-dried tomato flavor and I knew my kids would like the plain better.

Mozzarella Fingers: So simple! Take one mozzarella stick and form it into the shape of a finger. We added cuts for the knuckles and an almond sliver for a fingernail.


Mummy Juice Box: Glue 2 googly eyes to a piece of black paper and glue the paper onto the front of a juice box. Wrap the juice box with white crepe paper until it resembles a wrapped mummy. Don’t forget to leave a place to poke the straw into the box.

Witches Broom: Easiest dessert I could find and a definite hit with my son! Place a plain pretzel stick into the bottom of a peanut butter cup.


Draw a pumpkin face on a cutie orange for a healthy fruit. We also found fun orange & black tortilla chips at the local grocery store too. There are a lot of great Halloween-themed food items that I have seen that you could build a cool lunch with. Top it off with a few Halloween decorations – napkins, plates, signs, and a cute spider made from pipe cleaners.

To adapt this for my school-aged kids, I am going to add a few plastic spiders and eyeball candy, and a fun note that says, ” YOU’VE BEEN BOOED!! Happy Halloween!!!

This lunch took less than 10 minutes to make and brought such joy to my toddler – he talked about it all day and almost spilled the beans to his big brother and sister. They have to wait unitl October 31st to get this special lunch!

What creative ideas do you have for a fun Halloween lunch?


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