With the holidays fast approaching, you may be on the hunt for the perfect gift for a 2 year old.

by Rachel

We might admit to the same search! That is why we looked at many of our favorite online sources for something special to make.

Homemade gifts have character, you can adapt them to your child, they are frugal and super fun to make and gift to your kids! If you need even more ideas, please look at our 101 Homemade Gifts for Kids article that is packed with all sorts of handmade goodness.


Give your kids a collection of felt building  tools. They can create chains and snakes by buttoning pieces together.

Help your tot learn their colors with this simple color matching game.

Your kids will love identifying familiar objects if you create a fun I-Spy mat. Make meal times fun.

Sometimes the simple gifts are the ones that will keep your kids engaged the longest. Consider gifting a “scooping set” for your tot.

Do you have a child who loves to play pretend? We do. This set of doll house furniture looks to be easy to build for your child’s mini-worlds.

Sensory bins are treasured by our kiddos. They make a massive mess, but have massive fun! Here are 15 versions to inspire play in your child.

Create a light box for your child to explore colors and shadows “ super easy to create and your kids will have a blast.

Using lids from disposable wipes containers, you can create a cute peek-a-boo board for your kids to explore their family tree.

Sort colors and shapes with your kids and this homemade toy.

Make some gel boards for your 3 year old to practice writing on. They will love the squishy feeling as they trace designs with their fingers.

Gift a book, along with a craft to help bring the book to life! Here is an activity idea based on the book, Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Kids love to play pretend. Cooking was my preschoolers favorite thing to do! Here are some homemade cloth vegetables that might inspire your DIY gifts.

Help your child develop fine motor skills as they drop items into a jar. You can gift them with their own drop  set.

Do you have an unusually creative kiddo? I bet they would love a collection of edible paints.

Our toddlers have loved creating lines of items “ they just love sorting. Help them learn their alphabet and shapes as they sort with this DIY set.

Dress-a-bear “ create a bear out of felt along with a variety of felt clothes. This would be a fun set for playing pretend-on-the-go.

Create a personalized photo book that is ALL about your child. It is the perfect bedtime story that you will read again and again!

Rachel is the founder of the blog, One Crazy House. She is the co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and six children.