These Christmas Trees are delicious snack ideas for the holidays.

I love making festive treats and these edible trees are certainly festive! There are snacks, sweets, dinner ideas and healthy options, too.

15 Yummy Christmas Trees You Can Eat

Waffles - Use food coloring to make these fun green waffles and decorate the with candy!

Pull Apart Pizza Dough - This holiday snack looks like a delicious edible Christmas tree. via Delish

Grapes and Fruit Tray - A healthy Christmas snack, this grape and fruit tray shaped like a tree is a kid favorite. via Stonegable Blog

Nutella Pie - Oh my goodness, this looks so good! Pie crust + Nutella = amazing! via Tastemade

Veggie Tree - Here is another awesome healthy holiday snack. via Betty Crocker

Chocolate Strawberry Tree - This is such a pretty Christmas snack! via Home Stories A to Z

Tree Brownies - These brownies with green frosting and a candy cane stem are so good. via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Pizza - Make a Christmas tree pizza! This would be a fun Christmas Eve dinner idea. via Rhodes Bread

Meat and Cheese - We love meat and cheese trays at family gatherings. Here's how to shape it like a tree! via MomyGaga

Oreo Truffle Tree - Pile up your Oreo truffles into a gorgeous edible tree. via MomEndeavors

Cinnamon Roll Tree - I'm totally making this on Christmas morning! via Pillsbury

Rice Krispie Trees - Kids will love making this holiday rice krispie treats with you! via Target

Cream Cheese Danishes - Yum! This is perfect for Christmas morning. These easy homemade danishes in the shape of a tree are so fun. via Walking On Sunshine Recipes

Pinwheels - These cranberry and feta cheese pinwheels in the shape of a Christmas tree is a super cute and totally original holiday food. via The Girl Who Ate Everything

Cupcakes - These cupcakes are so gorgeous. They look like a tree right off the farm. via Preppy Kitchen

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