The World's Biggest Exaggeration

All three of my boys went through a phase of exaggeration.

OK, the jury is still out if it was actually a phase.

Come to think of it it might be a genetic flair for drama.

This is one that happened a few years ago and still makes me giggle...

I heard some of the stories at home, but can only imagine what might be overheard at the school playground.

Then I got a little taste of what it might be like...

I was driving home with my boys plus a friend, Lukas, and the following conversation occurred after they all agreed that the restroom at school was gross…

Lukas(7): I once went without going to the bathroom for 7 hours!

Rhett(4): Wow.

Reid(7): I never go to the bathroom.*

\this is actually NOT an exaggeration*

Ryan(9): I once went for TWO WHOLE days without going to the bathroom. That is very close to the record.

Me: That is NOT an appropriate record to break. I don’t want to be taking boys to the hospital because they refuse to pee.

Ryan: I really did. I didn’t go for two days. I almost broke the Guinness World Record. You can look it up.

Me: Again, no one in this car has my permission to attempt to break that record. And come to think of it, I am not sure there even IS a record for not peeing.

Ryan: There IS a record. You can look it up when we get home. I didn’t break that record. I broke another record.

Me: Ryan, in order to be in the World Record Book you have to go through a process where someone official witnesses that you broke the record.

Ryan: I did! I am in the book.

Me: You are NOT in the book. No one from the book came and watched you do anything.

Ryan: Do you have the most recent edition?

Me: No.

Ryan: That is the one I am in.

Me: RYAN! You are NOT in the book. I promise you.

Ryan: I am too. I broke the record and I am in the latest edition.

Me: You are not in the book.

Ryan: I am! Prove it.

Me: You are under 18 so you would need MY signature to be in the book and I didn’t sign anything.

Ryan: Oh…


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