Funny Christmas Jokes For Kids

Funny Christmas Jokes For Kids

They say Christmas time is a time of cheer and laughs, and what better way to get everyone cheerful and laughing than by telling a few funny Christmas jokes?

Whether you’re looking for a cute joke to add to your Christmas cards or looking for a few one-liners to share at the dinner table, your family is sure to get a smile from these festive funnies!

Cute Christmas Jokes

Kids love hearing and telling jokes, so be sure to pass along these funny Christmas jokes for them to giggle at.

  1. What is Santa’s favorite hard candy? Jolly Ranchers!
  2. Where does Frosty keep his money? In a snow bank!
  3. Santa was afraid to go down chimneys this year…turns out he was a bit claustrophobic!
  4. What’s Santa’s favorite gardening tool? The ho-ho-hoe!
  5. How can you tell when Santa is in the house? You can really feel his presents!
  6. If Santa was a detective, what would his name be? Santa Clues!
  7. What’s a snowman’s favorite leafy veggie? Iceberg lettuce!
  8. What do gingerbread men sleep on? Cookie sheets!
  9. The Christmas tree had a hard time sewing… it kept dropping its needles!
  10. Santa got arrested! His charges were stocking, but the cops had no probable claus.
  11. What’s a snowman’s favorite part of a cake? Frosting!
  12. Why was the snowman frustrated? All he could smell was carrots!
  13. What happens when the snowman tries to tan? He turns into carrot soup!
  14. Why did the donkeys have a Christmas party? To show their muletide spirit!
  15. Why does Santa go down chimneys? I don’t know, he does whatever soots him!
  16. Which reindeer is the cleanest of the bunch? Comet!
  17. Why didn’t Santa make the football team? He kept getting sacked!
  18. Why did Santa always get straight A’s in school? He was always present!
  19. How many elves make presents? It depends on how many kids are good each year!
  20. What do kids say when they catch a peek of Santa? Woa-woa-woa!
  21. Which one of Santa’s reindeer has an attitude problem? Rude-olph!
  22. Why was Mr. Snowman mad at Mrs. Snowman? She kept on pushing his buttons!
  23. Where does mistletoe come from? Hollywood!
  24. If an elf learned anything in school, what would it be? The Elf-abet!
  25. How can you tell Santa took karate? Well, he had to have earned his black belt somehow!
  26. Elves belong in the North Pole…even their ears are pointed north!
  27. What ship did Santa come to America on? The Santa Maria!
  28. I tried to borrow a few dollars from an elf. Turns out, he was a little short!
  29. What do you call a snowy area with no population? Snowman’s land!
  30. What is a snowbirds favorite holiday drink? Eggnog!

These funny Christmas jokes are bound to put smiles on the faces of anyone who hears them, and you know the kids will have a great time with them! When December hits, tell a joke each day before you send them off to school so they can share it with their friends, or place a little note in their lunchbox to find a pleasant surprise with lunch!

However you decide to share these jokes, just be warned that you will not be able to stop at just one. The kids will be begging for more and more!

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