Easy 4th of July Desserts

4th of July is approaching and you know what that means, right? Good company, good fireworks, and good food!

If you are attending a barbeque, it’s etiquette to bring some kind of dish, and since 4th of July is a colorful holiday, this makes for a lot of fun and festive ideas for 4th of July desserts!

4th of July Dessert Ideas

Go in, and go out with a bang this 4th of July, with these delectable 4th of July desserts!

  • Fruit n’ yogurt party cups: Using clear plastic cups, start with a layer of strawberry slices, then a layer of yogurt, more strawberries, yogurt, then top with blueberries, a dollop of whipped cream, and optional granola or nuts. Perfect for those who enjoy a healthier dessert!
  • Star spangled fruit cakes: Using homemade or storebought shortcakes, smear a generous amount of whipped cream on top, followed by a ring of raspberries on top edge (or cut up strawberries), a ring of blueberries inside of the raspberries, and a slice of starfruit in the middle. Tasty, easy, delicious!
  • Flag cake: No 4th of July dessert table is complete without an edible flag! You can make your own cake from scratch, but if you’re pressed for time, box cake is the best way to go. Use a confetti cake mix, bake it as per the directions in a rectangle baking pan, ice it with vanilla, and top with fruit to look like a flag! Using strawberries sliced long works well for the red stripes, while leaving bare areas for the white stripes. Blueberries and marshmallows are wonderful for the blue and star area of the flag!
  • Red, white, and blue cupcakes: Using white cake mix, prepare batter as specified on the box. Separate into three bowls in equal parts. Tint one of the bowls with red food coloring and another with blue food coloring until desired color saturation is reached. layer cupcake liners as follows: Blue batter, white, red. Bake, then use vanilla frosting and top with any kind of patriotic colored sprinkles you can find!
  • 4th of Jul-O: In dessert cups, layer red Jello cubes, followed by a layer of whipped cream, followed by blue Jello cubes, and top it off with more whipped cream. Easy-peasy!
  • Uncle Sam-nanas: Slice bananas into three or four 2-inch long pieces. Dip bottom half into blue candy melts, then into white sprinkles (preferably stars). Using canned whipped cream, place a bit on top of each banana and top them with fresh cherries!
  • Patriotic Strawberries: Dip whole strawberries into white chocolate, ensuring that you cover ⅔ of the strawberry, then dip immediately into blue sugar ⅓ of the way up and voila!
  • Uncle Sammiches: This is by far one of the easiest ideas on this page. Simply buy ice cream sandwiches and patriotic colored sprinkles, unwrap the ice cream sandwiches, cover all sides of the ice cream with sprinkles, place on a plate in the freezer until it’s time!

The best thing about these 4th of July desserts is they look a lot better than the skill level and effort that’s actually required! Most are rather inexpensive and quick to make, so they are suitable for any budget or schedule! Don’t be that guy who brings yet another macaroni salad!

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