35 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids

Goal setting is an important part of any child’s development as it teaches them how to be responsible.

They learn to make commitments and how to follow through with such commitments. Setting a New Year’s resolution is a prime example of setting an important goal, and it’s best to start this habit from a young age.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Sit down with your child and come up with a few New Year’s resolution ideas that are both realistic for them and appropriate for their age and stage of development. if you need a few New Year’s resolution ideas for kids, here’s some that are very appropriate for many ages:

  1. I will keep my room clean.
  2. I will keep good grades in school.
  3. I will eat less snacks.
  4. I will have a fruit or veggie with every meal.
  5. I will try new foods.
  6. I will go to bed at a decent hour.
  7. I will exercise for at least a half hour each day.
  8. I will drink less soda and juice and drink more water
  9. I will eat my veggies even if I don’t like them, because I know they’re good for me!
  10. I will be sure to do my homework before anything else after school.
  11. I will take better notes in class.
  12. I will pay better attention to the teacher and less attention to my friends during class time.
  13. I will study my notes after school.
  14. I will help my mom cook dinner at least three times a week.
  15. I will do all of my chores without giving mom trouble.
  16. I will be nicer to my sister and brother.
  17. If I feel like I’m getting mad, I will walk away and calm down.
  18. I will teach my sister how to play soccer.
  19. I will watch less TV.
  20. I will get out and play every sunny day.
  21. I will put things away when I’m done using them.
  22. I will brush my teeth each morning and night.
  23. I will get into good hand washing habits.
  24. I will find a hobby to do on rainy days so I’m not telling mom “I’m bored!”
  25. I’ll be nice to every kid, even the ones that are bullied by others; I’ll be their friend.
  26. I will memorize my address and phone number, and never give these out to strangers!
  27. I will run for school president!
  28. I will find a way to be actively involved in my community, even if it’s simply picking up garbage at the local park on weekends.
  29. I will talk openly about my feelings.
  30. I will resist peer pressure and be a positive influence on my friends.
  31. I won’t talk back to my parents.
  32. I will not tease my little brother.
  33. I will be more organized in everything I do.
  34. If I need help, I will ask for it.
  35. I will read a new book each (day, week, month, whichever is age appropriate).

Try letting your child come up with their own New Year’s resolution ideas, guiding them to be most realistic as you see fit. They will be on their way to better habits in no time!

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