25 Family Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

What better way to show your family you love them by spending the day doing something fun together!

Many of us are looking for things to do on Valentine’s Day, so look no further!

Here is a list of 25 fun things to do on Valentine’s day, and with the whole family, of course!

Fun Things to Do

Bake Valentine’s Cookies: All you really need is heart-shaped cookie cutters and a baking crew and you can bake lots of cookies! Save some decorating for the littler ones so they can participate as well.

Arrange a Valentine’s Day Cookie Exchange: Baking lots of cookies? Then arrange a cookie exchange with nearby extended family or even with the neighbors on your street!

Cupcake Decorating: Bake cupcakes and leave the decorating up to the group! Each person should decorate one cupcake for every person in the family and if there’s extras, decorate some for friends!

Bake Sale: Putting the family to work while making a few bucks never hurt anyone! Perhaps it can pay for a nice evening out!

Conversation Heart Scavenger Hunt: With all of the different messages on different colors, this could get interesting! Specify what message to look for and on what color.

Guess That Chocolate: This can be a fun game. Before you bite into the chocolate, you must write down your guess as to what filling you think will be inside, and write the correct answer next to it. Most correct answers wins. No peeking at the guide!

Talk About Love: This is especially important for kids as the media floods their tiny brains with what Valentine’s Day is “about.” Talk as a family what love really is, and that it’s not about buying things for the one you love, but rather spending time together.

Throw a Red and White Party: Throw a little V-Day party for the family! Everyone must wear red and white, and most foods and beverages served should be Valentine’s themed!

Valentine Crafts: Cut a bunch of different sized hearts out of construction paper, supply everyone with glue and various other craft items. What will everyone come up with?

Candy Crafts: Earlier I had mentioned gumdrop wreath–great idea! Also, think about making candy necklaces and mosaic art with those conversation hearts!

Paper Mache Candle Holders: Pick up some cheap, glass candle holders from the dollar store along with tissue paper in Valentine’s colors. Mix equal parts flour and water and begin!

Make Decorations: Whether you make a gumdrop wreath or garland out of paper hearts, add a personal Valentine’s Day touch to your home using decorations made by the whole family!

Valentine’s Breakfast: It’s understandable that Valentine’s Day often falls on a work or school day, so wake up an hour earlier and make a nice breakfast for the family to enjoy together. Talk about how you will be spending Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Picnic: If you’re lucky and Valentine’s Day falls on a nice weekend, have a picnic in the park! This is more so for the warmer, southern states, of course as it tends to still be pretty cold in the north! Indoor picnics can be just as fun!

Valentine’s Dinner: Typically the whole family is home by dinner, so make a nice, candlelit, Valentine’s dinner for the family to enjoy together!

Take a Family Portrait: Get all dressed up in your Valentine’s Day best and take a family portrait together!

Handmade Gifts Exchange: Rather than buying the typical Valentine’s Day gifts at a store, make them by hand instead! It’s much more special.

Who Do You Love?: While the whole family is in each other’s company, go around the room asking each person to name one person they love and just what it is they love about them!

Family Coupons: This is a fun, homemade gift idea. Make a coupon book and gift it to a family member. The coupons shall only be redeemable with the person who made them! (Hint hint, mom! This is a good way to get chores done!)

Salt Dough: Mix two parts flour, one part salt, and one part warm water, knead the dough, roll it out and make some crafts! You can make ornaments as keepsakes as long as you seal after baking. Bake on 250 for two to three hours, until hard. Flip once.

Decorate a Valentine’s Tree: If you made some salt dough ornaments, perfect! Fill a vase with clean(ish) twigs and branches and decorate it for the occasion. Makes a great table centerpiece for a V-Day party!

Start a Garden: Start a garden together, even if it has to start indoors!

Plant a Tree: If you are past the season of frost for your area, plant a tree outside! Watch it grow like the love in the home.

Volunteer: Not everyone is fortunate to have family to spend this nice day with, so spend time with your family while helping others, whether it’s baking some treats for the nice lady down the road or volunteering at the local food pantry.

Homemade Chocolates: Okay, so chocolate seems like a must for this holiday, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy the cliche heart-shaped boxes! Make your own. YUM!

With so many things to do on Valentine’s Day, you can really have things planned all day long!

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