Make A Crochet Flower Necklace

Crochet some simple flowers and turn them into a beautiful necklace.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

Want to know how? Check out this tutorial!

What you need

Yarns - 5-6 different colors
Crochet hook - 4 mm
Jewelry pliers
Jump rings and closure


Step-1: Make 8-9 crochet flowers with 5-6 petals. Attach faux pearl beads on the center of each flower. To make the flower stitch 4 chains and then form a ring. Do 10 single crochet around the ring. Do 1 sc and 3 half dc in the first chain stitch and then do another sc. Do another sc in the next chain stitch and then go for the next chain stitch. Similarly do 1 sc, 3 half dc and then a sc. Keep doing the same until all 5 petals are done.

Step-2: Take a piece of felt. Place the flowers on it and choose a pattern for your necklace. Glue the flowers on the felt as you like to. Make sure not to increase the width of the necklace otherwise you won’t feel comfortable wearing it.

Step-3: After gluing the flowers on the felt piece cut around the sides of the felt using a scissor. The felt shouldn’t be visible.

Step-4: Take 2 jump rings and cut a chain into 2 pieces of same length. attach a jump ring with the flower on the top side and also attach a piece of chain with it. Similarly attach jump ring and chain with the flower on the other top side.

Step-5: Attach a closure on the open end of the chains to complete the necklace. Unique, colorful and beautiful isn’t it? Enjoy!

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