Welcome to Craftbits.com on TheMaven!

We are super excited to be launching on TheMaven! Here is your new home of creative craft ideas - Craftbits!

Hello There all Crafters, Mums, Dads, Parents and everyone in between!

We are super excited to be launching Craftbits.com on TheMaven. Craftbits.com has been around for around 18 years and now we are having a new kind of experience. We are bringing it to TheMaven and we couldn't be more excited.

Who are we? We are a mum and daughter team from Brisbane, Australia, who launched the site in 2000! For 18 years, we have created some of the best craft ideas, featured in countless other sites and magazines over the years. Have you seen our Batman Undies? Or what about the cute bird made of left over yarn? We created 1000s of crafts for knitting, sewing, crochet, kids activities, paper, recycling and tons more. You will always find something to entertain you and the kids.

Be it Christmas Crafts, Valentine's Day love cards, Mother's Day gift ideas or Easter goodies, we have it all.

So welcome! Feel at home, say hello and tell us more about yourself. We can't wait to meet you and start this new journey for our beloved site!

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CraftBits Staff
CraftBits Staff


Thanks @Brandi! Great to be here!

Brandi Jordan
Brandi Jordan

Welcome to the Maven! ❤