Polymer Clay Earrings Simple Tutorial

Make them for yourself or as a gift for close ones

It is now very fashionable to wear jewellery made with one's own hands. Such earrings or necklace look prettier and are always up-scale. But how to make such a masterpiece yourself? The work does not take much time; you just have to know what exactly you want to get in the end.

Before you begin to sculpt flowers and trees, you have to prepare. What is polymer clay? It is very plastic and harmless material. By its consistency, it is very similar to plasticine. After heating it to a certain temperature it solidifies. So, when you finish making some fashion jewelry from it, you’ll have to bake it in the oven.

Polymer clay earrings: master class and necessary materials

To create the earrings, we will take polymer clay of three colours (white, yellow, pink), gel, 2 long stud clasps, foam, 4 beads, glue, toothpick, stationary knife, white paper sheet, rolling-pin and drill.

Step-by-step guide how to make clay stud earrings:

  1. Put a white sheet of paper on the table. You may do earrings simply with one color, or, as in our case, with the color mix. Take white and pink clay, make two triangles of them and bring them together. Take rolling-pin and roll out the ready triangles with it. Then put them together again and roll out once more. Do it until you do not get clay with the color transition.
  2. You should got a piece of clay with transition from pink to white. Let's move from this piece of sausage with a diameter of 5mm. Take the stationary knife and cut this sausage into pieces of 1mm thick. These bits will turn into petal of flowers. For the middle of the flowers use yellow clay - for this form small beads of polymer clay.
  3. Now you need to give these premade shape of petals. Each piece is pressed down into a form of small pear, and then its wider edge is cut into four parts. Cut it almost to the end, leaving only 2 mm, so that the four petals do not break. Then, unite the petals by bending them from the base. You can do this with a toothpick.
  4. The same thing do with other blanks. Then in each flower put a yellow midpoint with a toothpick. Make the same flowers from the rest of the pieces.
  5. Make two balls from pink clay of 1cm in diameter. Grease a part of the surface of the ball with gel. Fix flowers in such way.
  6. If your flowers have already fumbled, glue them to the ball-base lightly pressing. Cling back the stud clasps from the other side of the ball. Now your earrings are ready for baking!

Now you are pro at DIY stud earrings, so you can make some for your mom or girlfriends! If you feel like this is your obsession and you don’t know where to store all these beautiful fashion jewelry you may start selling it on places like Abbigli. And maybe simultaneously you will find there inspiration for new products and ideas.