Making Paper Snowflakes

Learn to Macrame with this easy beginner level bracelet with step by step directions.

What you need

6 pieces of paper


This is an addition to a post I viewed on this website. The comments stated requests for pictures and instructions so hopefully this helps.

Start with a square piece of paper (I used regular printer paper that starts off 8.5 x 11 inches, and trim the long side down to 8.5” so I end up with a 8.5” square).

Fold the square in half making the paper into a triangle

Position the main fold (crease) closest to your stomach. This will leave side “B” on your right (it will have two folds (one on each “flap”). Now, on the right side (side “B”) make a line (in pencil so you can erase it after you make your cuts) that is 1 cm from the right side (Side “B”)

Make 4 diagonal cuts. Each starts at the Bottom (Line “A”/ “Fold side) and goes to the line you drew on side “B” (my pictures got turned, so they aren’t consistent with the directions). Completely unfold the paper:

Take the outer points of the 2 innermost triangles (smallest). When they make a small tunnel, tape/glue/staple them together.

*Turn the paper over, take the next two triangles and repeat the same process as you did the first 2 triangles. * (Continue the process that is between the 2 *’s until all triangles are taped.

Now do the same process with the other five pieces of paper. This will give you a total of 6.

Make sure the center “tunnels” are facing the same direction and staple them together. I’m not sure if it matter which end you staple together, but be consistent with all of the following additions after this one. I used staples to put the 6 spirals together, but tape could be used.

All done. How did your’s turn out?

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