Kids Craft - Tissue Paper Snail

Kids Craft - Tissue Paper Snail

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored Craft Tissue Paper
  1. Colored Craft Paper
  1. Craft Glue
  1. Scissors
  1. Pencil
  1. Template


Step (1)

Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Select a colored craft paper and trace the patterns on it. Cut out the traced patterns from the craft paper.

Step (2)

Cut tissue papers into small pieces (2cm X 2cm). Select more than 3 colors.

Step (3)

Take a piece of cut out tissue paper and crumble it into a small round shape. Similarly crumble the rest of the cut out tissue papers into a small crumbled round shape.

Step (4)

Take the round cut out pattern prepared in step one and start to glue the crumbled tissue papers on it.

Step (5)

You can start from anywhere you want but it’s better to start from the center of the round pattern.

Step (6)

Keep gluing the crumbled tissue papers until the whole round pattern is filled.

Step (7)

Now take a regular white stationary paper or art paper and glue the body pattern of the snail on it. Attach the snail body near the bottom side of the paper.