Easter Table Centrepiece

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple Easter Table Centrepiece

For this tutorial you will need

Small Tin Can Or Jar

Moss or Straw

Large 4-5 inch Plastic Egg

Plastic Daisies

Craft Glue

Start by gluing the straw or moss in to the bottom of your tin. You can use a glass jar or other vessel as the base. It should be suitable for the size of egg you have. Glue the moss in to the tin to create a nest effect.

You will need to use scissors or a small drill bit to create a small hole in the top of the egg. If you are using a plastic egg a hot knifed or metal skewer will pierce it easily.

Glue the egg in to the nest and add the flower to the top. You could even add water and place a fresh daisy in to the egg if you wish.

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me too! super fun


I just completed this, super easy