Crochet Patterns

Lots of Fun and Easy Crochet Patterns

Lots of fun and easy crochet patterns from hats, scarves, crochet afghans and blankets or try your hand at crochet ornaments, fridgies, dishcloths or share the love with some charity crochet patterns.

Crochet Hanging Pockets These crochet hanging pockets project is pretty easy to make and really useful for keeping daily important stuffs.

This puff flower pillow case is one of the cutest craft projects!​

This Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball consists of 3 segments (or rings) which need to be assembled to form your ball. The chunky design is perfect for little hands and inquisitive minds and the colour-possibilities are endless!

Some craft wire, a few beads, a little crochet threads and you can create a super cute necklace using this Free Crochet Pattern.

This Crochet Pattern is to create a Crochet Granny Square Project. A perfect project for beginners to practice their granny crochet skills!

This is a video tutorial on how to crochet a beginner slouchy hat.

Here's a fun and colourful crochet doily project, perfect for a weekend craft!

Get crafty and make this super cute , colourful crochet Dreamcatcher made out of Crochet.

Free pattern and step by step tutorial on how to crochet a beautiful Easter basket in different colors and team logos.

Make these lovely handbags using Cotton yarn. You can choose different colours and alternate them to create stripe effects or edging.

These crochet appliqués shapes are versatile and can be used to embellish many different seasonal and Christmas theme projects.

Here is a beautiful pattern for a crochet pumpkin in various sizes. What would a ThanksGiving be without you creating some of these for decorations around the house or for a party?

Create this colorful crochet necklace that is a statement piece in itself. Find out how easy to make this is.

Going to the beach? Why not crochet your very own beach bag?

Make this cute and colourful Crochet doily purse in your spare time.

These little Poke balls, shown in two different sizes, are very quick, easy and fun to knit for the Pokemon Go fan in your life.

This is a very pretty crochet garland and is perfect for hair style lovers. It's really easy to make and requires the basic crochet stitching skills.

Cupcakes are very popular these days, so I have created some fun colours and designs and shapes. Ice creams are also fun to crochet.

Every kid I know likes to pick up random things from outside and bring them home. Make it easier for them by stitching up a treasure bag (or several) to hold their prizes.

Make this adorable baby hat using some lovely pink Softee Baby yarn with a fluffy edging and a crochet flower for decoration (optional).

Try out this fun crochet pattern. Easy to make and beginner friendly!

Here is a pattern for a crochet unisex beanie hat which is ready in 30 minutes flat. Who will you make this for?

Crochet a warm and beautiful cuff and at the same time improve your broomstick crocheting skills!

Crochet some simple flowers and turn them into a beautiful necklace. Want to know how?

Dreamcatchers are said to act as dream filters, allowing only good dreams to reach the sleeper!

Granny afghan squares crocheted of knitting worsted in a variety of colors and bordered with white are sewn together for a pair of shortalls.

If you have ever finished a project, and then had to find buttons, well, this is the solution.

Quick and easy crochet scarf with fringe.

Dress up your kitchen and make baking more fun with this textured crochet potholder adorned with a delicate crochet lace and ribbon trim.

Organize your unruly cords in style with these lacy crocheted cord holders!

Impress your friends with these lacy coasters they won’t believe you made yourself!

Simpleton the rabbit is a bunny crochet pattern for Easter or just to create a cute kid's toy.

You can make this gorgeous patchwork blanket that measures approx 58" (147.5 cm) square.

Thanks to Vickie Howell, here is a free pattern to make this gorgeous patchwork blanket.

Got someone at your home who loves batman as well? Make this crochet batman and robin dolls for them!

Classic Crochet coasters that are so easy to make!

Want to take your pet out for a walk and show off your crochet skills at the same time? This free crochet harness pattern, designed for cats or small dogs, is just the thing.

This crochet pattern for a utterly easy bracelet was contributed by (c) Gayle Francis Designs, 2006-2007.

Crochet the My Little Pony for the little ones and they will love you forever!

A crochet pattern to create small mittens and beanie that can attach to your keychain

Bath puffs are a great way to apply shower or bath gel and help to exfoliate your skin by scrubbing off dead skin cells as you go.

This is a simple pattern for a beautiful crochet bag filled with lavender.

Pepper! What is Pepper? I don't really know, but she is cute and unique looking too. Make this cute crochet doll with these simple directions.

Crochet a Sock Monkey bookmark for your kids. Or for yourself. This is a very simple pattern!

A star flower crochet bookmark pattern that is pretty simple.

A wonderful simple crochet project for an icicle mohair bear.

This is a beginners crochet project for a hacky sack (foot bag).

Crochet a Christmas tree for a handmade decoration.

This is a vintage crochet pattern for a bed spread that has not been recently tested. If you make up this pattern and know of any revisions that need to be made please let us know via the comments.

A vintage crochet pattern to make a bedspread with concentric circles.

The slip knot is the start of virtually every crochet project there is. Here's how you can learn to master it.

Crocheting a hammock sounds hard. But with these simple steps, you can make one yourself!

All the crochet abbreviations that you will ever need - in one handy page. Bookmark this page for the next time you need to look something up.

For beginners to crochet, this is a great project to get comfortable with. Knit this granny square for something practical.

Crochet a napkin ring using this vintage pattern

Make a tea cup using your crochet skills and delight your friends!

This pattern for a crochet flower is a vintage pattern and may use vintage terms.

Crochet this lovely jewelry set in colors to match your bridesmaids gowns. This set makes a wonderful gift that your maids can wear and enjoy on your special day, while having a keepsake that can be worn for many years after.

Create this gift for a loved one. Crochet them a fragrant potpourri heart sachet!

Crochet this famous ruffles and lace heart this Valentine's Day for your loved one.

Updated classic lace pillow crochet pattern that is pretty easy to do for the beginner. You will fall in love with the beautiful color and the design.

This ruffle crochet pillow pattern is a vintage pattern and may use vintage terms. Although this pattern is from a print publication it has not been recently tested

Be the star - make your own crochet pillow using this vintage pattern.

A great gift idea for Valentine's Day! Crochet a heart pillow to snuggle up!

A beautiful heart sachet can be yours with this easy crochet pattern.

Crochet a rose centerpiece with this step by step pattern.

A classic vintage bedspread using crochet. Uses the wedding ring pattern to create a wonderful look.

A classic, vintage crochet pattern with two motifs to create a beaded doily.

A vintage crochet pattern to create a shell motif.

A kitschy vintage crochet pattern to make a Juanita doll.

This crochet pattern for a dahlia floral bedspread is from a vintage print publication.

This pattern for a sewing susan is a vintage crochet pattern and may use vintage terms. Although this pattern is from a print publication it has not been recently tested.

Crocheting has long been a folk art that is both functional and beautiful. This How-to was written to teach you the basic stitches and the abbreviations used in standard crochet.

This How-to Crochet guide was written to give southpaws the basic stitches and their abbreviations often used in standard crochet with left-handed images.

A pattern with multiple zig zag's on it. Makes a wonderful picnic rug!

This is a vintage pattern that has not been recently tested. If you find an error or have successfully knit this pattern then please let us know so we can note it down.

Yellow Daisy Crochet flower is a simple pattern that will take you 1-2 hours to make.

This is a vintage pattern that has been re-published here on Craftbits. If you are having trouble with this pattern try looking at vintage terms for crochet online.

The colors of this marigold flower will tempt you to give this as a gift to a loved one - or you might want to keep it for yourself!

Make this crochet flower pattern - with what we have called as a white trumpet flower!

A doily pattern for the ages - this is a wonderfully easy pattern.

A very easy crochet pattern with alternate edging to stitch a bookmark.

Fun, funky and fast, this rug is a great weekend project. Make a small one for a retro chair cushion, or make one big enough to add drama and warmth to a room of any size.

Crochet this adorable key shaped bookmark pattern using your favorite color.

Making this pattern is not difficult, you just need to follow these step by step directions.

This is an easy crochet pattern for a scrubbie dish cloth.

Yarn Guy gave me the inspiration to try this concept of a Pillowghan. It is quick and easy.

Here is a wonderful pattern I found a few years ago. Instructions are for Crochet (shown first) and also for Knitting (shown second). Works up quickly.

A simple easy crochet doily project using light weight cotton yarn.

Make the U-S-A letters in simple crochet using this step by step pattern.

Get the kids involved in making this crochet pattern for a teacher's bookmark with apple and a pencil. The kids will love to gift this to their teachers.

This Crochet pattern was contributed by Crochet Memories and shows how to create a simple coaster.

A simple crochet pattern to make a religious cross.

Here is a pattern for what we think is the fastest Crochet Afghan using homespun yarn.

Crochet - Amigurumi

Amigurumi, from Japanese, is a term that describes the knitted and crochet stuffed toys. And we have heaps of these crochet toys right here! All free and easy to make crochet amigurumi patterns that you, your kids and grandkids will love!

These little Poke balls, shown in two different sizes, are very quick, easy and fun to knit for the Pokemon Go fan in your life.

Cupcakes are very popular these days, so I have created some fun colours and designs and shapes. Ice creams are also fun to crochet.

This free Crochet Amigurumi pattern shows you how to make pretend play sushi.

This Amigurumi crochet pattern shows you how to make strawberries for pretend play and other fun embellishments.

Crochet - Children

Crocheting for children doesn't have to be a chore. These free kids crochet patterns are simple and easy and you will be creating these patterns in no time at all.

Crochet - Novelty

Here are some fun, quirky and novelty crochet patterns that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Crochet - Wearables

From a crochet necklace and a crochet beanie, to a crochet head scarf, these wearable crochet patterns are a delight to make. And best of all, they are free!


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