Colorful Ethnic Necklace Tutorial

Crochet a colourful, stylish, ethnic necklace for yourself or to gift a loved one.

What you needMaterials:

  1. Crochet yarn or thread
  2. Crochet hook
  3. Scissors
  4. Beads
  5. Craft wire - 24 gauge

Take a piece of 24 gauge craft wire (size appropriate for your neck). Create small loops at both ends of the wire.

Start with a slip knot and work single crochet around the wire. Stitch as many as you’ll need to cover the wire. When done covering work a slip knot and cut off extra thread.

Take a different colored thread and work 2 dc into the last chain loop of the first row, then chain 1, skip 1 chain from the first row and repeat * dc2, ch1, skip 1 chain from previous row* until reaching the other end.

Use a different colour for each row and increase the number of chains in each row.

When you’ll finish crocheting the plain crochet rows take a thread and insert 5-6 beads into it. Tie a slip knot at the end of the thread (keeping the beads inside), and start the last row. Work 1 single crochet and then pull 1 bead near the hook. Keeping the bead adjacent to the current stitch, lock the bead with the next single crochet. Now, work a few sc and then add another bead and keep repeating until you reach the other end.

At the end work a slip knot and cut off extra thread.

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