Clear Duct Tape Card Purse

Duct tape can do everything - including making this novelty purse using playing or tarot cards.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

metal linked chain for strap
Playing cards (bigger=more cards)
clear duct tape


Lay cards in a pattern like this (just pretend the 0s are cards)

0000 (make 2 of these, these will be the sides)



(make two of these, these will be the front & back panels)

and then make a bottom:

Apply clear duct tape on the back of the cards & on the front.

Make sure to get rid of any bubbles that appear beneath the tape.

After each section is fully duct taped separately (there should be 5 sections), duct tape all sections together. Do this so that the purse can sustain itself considerably.

Then attach the chain with duct tape

This project was contributed Stephanie Kim

You could also use novelty cards, such as collectable pokemon cards, baseball cards and even tarot cards.

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