You Can Work and Have Kids


You've probably ran into people who told you that you can't have a career and kids. Well, they're wrong. If you want or need to work and have kids, you need to know that you can do it. Women have been doing this and many hard things despite others telling them they can't for a long time. Regardless if you've felt like you can't handle it at times, consider the tips below to make it work.

Focus on What Matters

At the end of the day, you need to consider what's truly important to you and what you can do without. Everybody's list will vary. To some, their health, kids, housework and financial matters are all that matters. If you want to be able to keep a strict diet, make sure you look up le-vel thrive reviews where you can see how other busy moms benefitted from the health program, For you it might be kids and friends. You have to be willing to ask yourself what is most important, and focus only on those things. You are a limited resource. You can't be everything to everyone, and you can't burn the candle at both ends. It might feel that way right now, but that probably means there is something you need to cut out from your life.

Cut Out What's Not Necessary

Once you have figured out what's most important, it's time to chuck whatever isn't. Those "cute" reward sites that end up costing you a superfluous amount of time for a few pennies or any other possible distractions are probably not worth it. As a tired mom, you can't afford to waste your energy on anything that is not important. Not only will you feel more rested when you cut out the fat, but you will discover that your mind is freer, the day is more peaceful, and your kids will be happier than ever.


While you're at work, be at work. When you're at home, be at home and never between the two. You won't be focused or productive while you're at one and thinking of the other. Whoever you have found to babysit, trust them with your kids. When you're at home, don't secretly think of all the work you have to get done the next day. Both your work and your kids deserve your undivided attention.

Get a Reliable Schedule Down

If you work from home, you need to keep a good schedule. The main advantage that you have over kids is that they need more sleep than you, even if you feel sleep-deprived at this moment. Work this to your advantage. Get up when they're still sleeping. If you do your best thinking at night, get them to bed at the proper time, and stay up a little to get work done. Focus on sleeping full sleep cycles of approximately 90 minutes, and grab a nap sometime during the way, which can be when your little one goes down for a nap. Give your kids toys for individual play so that you can get work done. For example, Goku Black toys or building blocks can buy you 30 minutes to an hour of work time. Then, you can play together. Put on an educational video for 30 minutes, and take advantage of that time. You'll notice that your work time adds up, and you and your kids will be much happier keeping everything organized.

Be Flexible

Learn to roll with the punches because life will try to knock you out at times. Your routine won't be full-proof so think of backup plans. Keep a freezer partially full with ready-to-eat meals that can be heated up when you're down for the count with a sickness or otherwise need to take it easy. Keep medicine, bandages and other necessities on-hand to be prepared. Have easy to eat breakfast foods ready for your kids that can be eaten in the car. Keep baby wipes on you to clean up messes. Find a solution to whatever regular messes or mishaps that show up so that you can stay prepared. Of course, you can't be prepared for every little thing. Cut yourself some slack if things aren't perfect.

You will come across many naysayers, but you have to do what is right for you. You got this. Don't worry.