Where To Use Your New Paddleboard In Vegas


Where To Use Your New Paddleboard In Vegas

If you've never tried paddleboarding, then you are missing out on loads of fun and adventure. Like other similar watersport activities, the location that you select to paddleboard in is likely to heavily dictate just how much fun you end up having. This is particularly true for new paddleboarders or anyone testing out new equipment. Below, we've taken the time to list some of Las Vegas' best paddleboarding spots to consider the next time you're looking to get accustomed to a new board or are still a paddleboarding newbie.

The Top 7 Best Spots in Las Vegas to Use Your New Paddleboard

1. Your Own Swimming Pool - As most swimming pool contractors Las Vegas will tell you, a medium to large size backyard swimming pool is easily big enough to accommodate a paddleboard test run. If you just bought a new board, test it out in your pool, however, be sure to use common sense safety precautions when paddling near the concrete or stones edges of the pool.

2. Zephyr Cove Marina - This small cove is arguably one of the best places to paddleboard in around the Las Vegas area. The beaches are nearly a mile long, the water is clean and tranquil, and the spot isn't usually overly crowded. The conditions at this spot are perfect to try out a new board or to learn the skills of paddleboarding.

3. Lake Las Vegas - With its close proximity to the main Las Vegas strip, Lake Las Vegas might just be the most convenient spot in the area to test out a paddleboard in. As you might have already noted, most of the popular hotels on the strip even offer direct shuttle bus trips to Lake Las Vegas, as the lake is that popular. It is ideal for inexperienced paddleboarders because the launch areas are plentiful, the water is calm, and you can travel to and from the lake and your hotel with relative ease.

4. Colorado River - Contrary to what many people say, there are numerous spots near to Las Vegas on the Colorado River that are excellent for testing out a new paddleboard. One such place is in Laughlin. The launch spots are quite easy to spot, with the only downside being that they are occasionally crowded on the weekend. If, however, you can secure a nice spot along the river bank, then you will have easy access to lightly flowing water and a pristine and beautiful environment to spend the day in.

5. Incline Village - Situated on the renowned Lake Tahoe, Incline Village is a Las Vegas hot spot for paddleboarders. The water here is really clean and clear, and generally quite calm to maneuver your paddleboard around in. If friends or family member accompanying you to Incline Village do not possess their own paddleboard, then worry not as they can rent one onsite for an affordable hourly rate.

6. Cold Lakes - Situated in Elko County, Nevada, [Cold Lakes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Lakes_(Nevada%29) is quite close to the main Las Vegas area. This is one of the more serene and secluded spots available to paddleboarders. The lakes are fed by glacial runoff from the surrounding mountain peaks. The scenery is top notch, offering paddleboarders 360 degrees of breathtaking views. The one downside to these lakes is that the water is exceptionally cold, so you will absolutely want to wear a wet suit while paddleboarding the lakes.

7. Lake Mead - This gigantic lake is a bit of a distance away from downtown Las Vegas, however, it can offer nearly an unlimited amount of spots to test a new paddleboard out on. The stoic dessert mountains that surround the lake offer paddleboarders beautiful and majestic scenery. You might even spot a group of mountain rams near the shoreline as you maneuver around the waters. Like other lakes in the area, there are numerous facilities available that offer paddleboard rentals for anyone in your group that wasn't able to bring their own board.