What You Should Tell Your Kid Before Their Wedding Day


A wedding is a beautiful union to watch and admired. When people from all over come to see and to celebrate the new newlyweds. However, before working down the aisle, parents from both sides needs to have a sit down talk. It will be a new reality and adjustments will be arranged because new people are coming into the family on both sides.


A lab grown diamonds are man made synthetic diamonds to imitate from the real diamonds. The stones aren’t found in the mines and are cheaper than the authentic ones. It has less value and the duration is far less than the real stones. The lab grown have only a selective color varieties such as white, yellow and blue. The authentic stones have no restrictions when it comes to color.

Advice 1: Don’t put too much pressure on wedding day

The bride and the groom are already stressing out because there are several things not going smoothly. People will not see eye to eye and arguments will take place. ”Your relationship is about so much more than the wedding”. Whether it’s friendships or family, keep the bond. The celebration of the wedding is only one day only, but, relations with other people last forever.

Advice 2: Focus on your wife only

A woman will always know that she is being talked about among her peers. When a man chooses a woman to be his wife, he shouldn’t look elsewhere for better. ”Always remember, you should never compare your wife to other women”. Value her and make her feel loved and appreciated. Don’t take her for granted because the other lady at the grocery store has long curly hair and your wife has short straight hair. Be happy with the choice you made.

Advice 3: Communication

When two people are having a conversation, one should listen respectfully and the other should talk gently. ”Communicate with one another clearly, calmly, and constantly.” Respect each other opinion and sort out any differences. There shouldn’t be any yelling, degrading one another, or making any threats. Be kind and lift each other up. Nobody shouldn’t need to feel ignored at all when it comes to communication.

Advice 4: Have a lot of pictures taken

Hire more than one professional photographer because each photographer captures the picture distinctively. Take pictures with the guests and have props for the wow factor. So when it is time to look back at the memories, it should be pleasant. Make copies of the photos and give it to loved ones. Also, use the wedding photos are motivated for fitness goals as well.

Advice 5: Remember all of important dates

Dates are essential and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Recall any other dates besides the wedding anniversary as well. Also include holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well. First dates and birthdays are vital too. Include any other dates after the wedding day and keep it between each other exclusively.

Advice 6: Respect each other

It is not a good idea to neglect each other. Prove it through actions and words as well. Don’t belittle each other in public. Uplift each other in the public eye and correct any mistakes behind closed doors. Don’t let the in laws think there is no respect so conflicts won’t arise. Make time for each other and don’t let any infidelity creeps in as well. Build the trust and let it continue to grow each day.

After saying I Do, that’s when the real work begins and the journey as one start. The commitment will take teamwork and dedication but, it will be all worth it. Love is powerful and should be in the center between the two spouses.