What You Need to Do to Protect Your Appliances From Your Kids

Kevin Gardner

Keeping your children safe from the electrical appliances in the home does matter. In addition, you shouldn't wait until the last minute to child-proof your home because your pint-sized adventurer will start crawling with eyes of wonder for everything before you can finish a blink. As soon as children begin to crawl, they investigate everything with equal curiosity, and in the home where many dangerous electrical appliances lurk, this can turn into a dangerous situation.

Disturbing Statistics

Did you know that for toddlers and babies, accidental injury claims the lives of more children than even health problems? You want to keep a close eye on your little explorer as much as possible, but even the best of us have had moments where we took our eyes off them for a split-second of a moment, and that's when disaster struck.

The Best Protection: Prevention

Taking foolproof measures that will stop children from getting injured is one of the best actions that you can take. For example, before you go to bed, unplug all the appliances in the home. This ensures that if your smiling bundle of joy wakes up in the night for a dangerous romp around the home, he or she doesn't get injured while playing. Ensure that you don't have any exposed or live wires remaining in the home. Even after you have unplugged the wires, you should keep both the outlets and the wires out of sight because this still isn't a good thing that your child should play with. It can still be hazardous to them.

The Biggest Danger to Children

When experts looked at the data, they learned that ovens and ranges were the leading cause of death to children. Because of this danger, you can buy ranges and ovens that will come with a child-proof lock for the oven and range feature. If you happen to notice that the appliance feels hot or tingly to the touch, you shouldn't even hesitate to speak with an electrician. You want to have this checked out because children will explore it regardless of the dangers, and this can turn into a deadly accident.

Other Dangers

Another danger is that children would damage your kitchen appliances as they play. For example, one of the most common accidents that happen with dishwashers and children is that they sit on the door of the dishwasher as it's lowered. You might later come to find out that the dishwasher door won't close correctly. When this happens, having a home warranty can help you protect your appliances so that they last a long time. Even if they stop working, depending on the terms of the warranty, you can still have it replaced.

Eliminate the Switches of the Appliances

One of the biggest dangers that children face is when they push a button without realizing what it does. For example, they could climb the stove and turn on one of the ranges and get badly burnt from it. Having an on and off switch for all the appliances can eliminate this danger. Admittedly, you do pay extra to control all the appliances from a single switch, but you see savings on energy, and even if the child turns on one of the appliances with the buttons, it won't turn on.

These are some of the things that you should know when it comes to children and appliances. Children and appliances go together like water and electric. It's best if you keep the two separated, but you should also take active measures to ensure that the two never come into contact with each other. Under the best of circumstances, the child could damage one of the appliances through playing with it. Under the worst of circumstances, they could get seriously injured from playing with the appliances. You have to take active measures against this to ensure you never have a problem.