Loretta Jane

A baby wrap is basically a long piece of fabric that a new mother wraps around herself to create a safe secure pouch in which her baby will be nestled. When done correctly baby wraps create the pouch on the woman's chest so that she can hold her baby close to her. This makes it easier for a woman to do other things such as cooking, or talking on the phone while still taking time to bond with her newborn while keeping her hands free. But this is just the beginning of some of the benefits that can await mother and child when using a baby wrap, turns out there are others as well that may not be as obvious but are just as important.

It Soothes the Baby

There is a common truth that when a newborn baby is crying picking them up will usually help them to calm down. So, being able to carry the baby inside this convenient wrap will help the baby to not only feel the security of having their mother close by but to be able to feel her soothing heartbeat as well.

It is Good For a Baby's Overall Health

Carrying a baby in this specialize wrap actually places the baby in an upright position which is actually good for their health. Because babies are still developing holding them in such a position helps prevent issues such as flat head syndrome. It also helps aid in a baby's digestion which could help to avoid such issues as colic. Another benefit is that a child even at such an early age will start to learn to balance themselves which will lead to muscle development.

Good Way to Effectively Bond with Baby

Wearing a baby wrap will help a mother to build a lasting bond with her newborn. While wearing the wrap she will no doubt be interacting with the child, talking to them, soothing them, making them a part of her day. Not only will the wrap create the bond for the mother but for other family members as well, such as the father and older siblings. They too will spend more time with the baby, talking to them and interacting with them. A far more effective way to create the parental bond than having the baby placed in a crib in the nursery or in a baby carriage.

Ideal Way to Travel with Baby

Whether it be running errands, going for a walk or even going on vacation the baby wrap is a good way for a new mother to travel with her baby in tow. No need to worry about a baby carrier or carriage. Plus, it makes it possible once a mother learns how to do so to breastfeed effectively in public while having it be so discreet that no one would know about it.

Could Prevent Postpartum Depression

While actually wearing her baby, a new mother finds that she has more confidence. This has been determined to actually help to combat postpartum depression, a mental condition that women can fall into after giving birth mainly due to isolation. Thanks to this innovative wrap a woman can now lead a life, while still effectively caring for her child all at the same time.

The bottom line is the baby wrap has been around for decades. Many countries use this method for mothers to carry their babies around with them. The trend is now starting to catch on in the United States and is starting to become popular. Yes, there are some concerns about safety, that is why it is important to understand how to use the wrap properly and how the baby is supposed to be position in it. When done the right way, there are benefits to using a baby wrap and wearing your baby as you go about your day.