What Can Solar Power Do For You?


Have you been thinking about where your energy comes from? Are your electricity bills increasing for no apparent reason? Do you ever think about what your personal carbon footprint is? Consider switching your power source! Solar energy has come a long way and can bring change to both your wallet and your lifestyle!

1. Solar Power Makes You More Self-Sufficient

Using solar to power your own home means less reliance on power companies that only see you as a way to increase their profits. You will not have to offset the cost of new energy projects with increases to your energy bill, simply because you will generate your own power. You will, of course, stay connected to the energy grid near you just in case you need more energy than you make on occasion, but most of the time you will be supplying the energy you use.

2. Solar Panels Can Give You Tax Credits

Whether you invest in a residential or commercial system, investing in solar today comes with a tax credit. That means you can deduct a certain percentage of the cost of the solar panels from your federal taxes. Some states and some cities even have solarize programs that will help you pay the up-front costs of solar. In many communities across the United States, there are incentives to choosing solar that make it more affordable to invest so you might as well take advantage of benefits.

3. Solar Will Pay You Back In the Long Run

While the up front cost for solar panels can be a drawback, think of it as a long-term investment. Over time, the costs associated with purchasing and installing will match the amount of money you save on your electric bill every month. Paying less for energy means that money can eventually be used for other things in your life.

4. Solar Energy Can Make You Money

In addition to bringing your electric bill down to zero, you can get credit for the extra energy your solar energy system makes. Net metering is a system in which you can sell back the energy that you do not use to the utility company. In many cases this means you can make money off of the extra energy your system generates, or receive credits so that when your system is not making enough energy, you can use those credits to pay for the grid's energy.

5. Solar Energy Can Help You Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Especially in the face of climate change, people are thinking about how their lifestyle impacts the world around them. Using solar power instead of the power from your local energy company can often decrease the impact you have in terms of carbon emissions. Most of the energy supplied by power grids in the United States still runs on coal, natural gas and nuclear energy systems. This means staying on your local energy grid has a high associated carbon output. Instead, opting in to a power grid that runs on renewable energy like wind, solar and hydro-power means that you are decreasing your personal carbon footprint. Installing your own solar energy system removes you from having to deal with that grid in the first place and gives you access to a dependable renewable energy source: the sun. In this way, you can benefit off of solar power while also feeling good about your environmental impact.

6. You Can Become the Solar Expert In Your Neighborhood

If you are one of the first people in your town or neighborhood to get connected to solar power, you will become the person everyone goes to ask questions to. If talking to people is your thing, then solar power can make you an advocate for renewable energy and an information source for community members interested in learning more. You can be a part of educating your community.

Whether you are looking to change your environmental impact or save some money, solar power is the way to go!