Ways to Take Care of Your Body Post-Birth

Loretta Jane

If you're currently pregnant or have just given birth, chances are there's a lot going on in your mind. This is a huge life change and, regardless of how well you think you've prepared, you might still be struggling to adjust to a new normal. You're not just taking care of a new life, but also yourself after a huge physical and mental ordeal. It can be difficult to set aside the time, but the better you care for yourself, the better you can care for your new baby. Whether you're a new mom or you're about to be, here are some ways you can care for your body post-birth.

Proper Nutrition

Feeding a newborn can be a full-time job, but your healing body also needs proper nutrients to heal and operate according to a newborn's sleep schedule. You can prepare quick and healthy meals and freeze them in advance, or you can have your spouse or friends and family help with meals once the baby is born. It can be difficult adjusting to a postpartum body, but you should focus instead on the fact that you created and birthed an entire human being! If you're breastfeeding, you'll need those extra calories more than ever. If you decide to be more proactive about losing the baby weight, you may be tempted to try weight loss products like the Le-Vel Thrive patch. Before trying anything, do your research and look for Thrive side effects in reviews.

Contact Your Doctor

If you think something's wrong, don't be afraid to contact your doctor. The first few days especially will be filled with strange new experiences, and your anxiety is not unfounded. Your doctor may be able to offer you tips to make the days after birth more comfortable for you at home. With shifting hormones, you're likely to experience changes in your mood. You may find yourself feeling irritable for no reason, or even deep sadness. Postpartum depression is a possibility even if it's been weeks or months since you've given birth.

Accept Help

While having time alone as a new family is beneficial at first, adjusting to life with a new baby can be difficult. During your ongoing efforts, don't be shy about asking for help. Family and friends will be excited to meet the baby and drop off food and gifts, so you can use these visits for a much-needed break. You can ask your sister to run some of your errands before she drops by, or you can ask your mom to watch your other children while you take a nap.


That thing called sleep may be a joke among new parents, but it really is important, especially when you're recovering from giving birth. If you can, sleep when your baby does, and come up with a schedule with your partner. If they can step in to change an extra diaper here and there, those precious sleeping minutes can add up. If you have friends or family coming to visit, ask if they'd be willing to watch the baby for an hour or two so you can sleep.

Move Your Body

The healing period is different for everyone, but once your doctor gives you clearance, you may want to start doing some gentle exercises. If you were active before and during your pregnancy, you may be able to get back into it sooner. You may not feel like going for a walk when you're behind on sleep and the house is messy, but moving your body can help boost your mood. You may not be ready for long trips in public, but sometimes even being out of the house can be a refreshing change of pace.

Being a new mom isn't easy, and giving birth is just the beginning of this enormous life change. By taking the time to check in with yourself, you'll be better able to keep up with a new, fuller schedule in a healthy way.