Ways to Make Living Lectin Free Easy


Have Go-To Snack Foods

One of the essential elements of any diet, especially one that is free of lectins, is having a good stockpile of snacks when hunger strikes between mealtimes. You have many options for snacks that are both delicious and safe for your dietary needs. For instance, try making bagel thins with lectin free toppings, or different types of dips. Additionally, staples such as chips are ideal for grabbing a snack when you have to leave the house or consume food quickly. Having snacks on hand will help ease anxiety about potentially consuming lectins.

Gather Some Easy Recipes

It is important to accumulate lectin free recipes for your family. Even if one family member has issues with lectin, it is often easier to simply try to eat less lectins as a group. Planning around a dietary specification is already time consuming, and can be costly if you do not know how to shop. Having lectin free recipes that are both family-friendly and budget-friendly can make it much less stressful when you take trips to the grocery store. If your family has some favorite recipes, then a simple internet search for a version of that recipe without ingredients containing lectins can provide you with a substitute which will still satisfy.

Check the Menu Before Going Out

You may think that eating out can be a challenging task if you or a loved one is going lectin free. However, it can be relatively simple to make sure that your dietary needs are met in a restaurant setting. Make sure to look at the menu online ahead of time, if possible, or call the restaurant to verify that they have dishes with no lectin. Find foods that are common staples at restaurants that you know will be low in lectins. This way, you will have an easier time ordering and not have to worry as much about what you will eat before arriving at the establishment.

Inform Your Family and Friends

When making dietary changes as significant as cutting out lectins, it may be a good idea to let those close to you, such as friends or family, know about it. When discussing your lectin free lifestyle, be clear about your sensitivities and why you are choosing to modify your diet so drastically for your own well-being. Additionally, provide them with other resources that go into more depth, such as documentaries, news articles or research studies. Sometimes these sources can explain it much better than you can. Informing people of your commitment to lessen your lectin consumption is also vital so that they keep it in mind for future gatherings where food is involved.

Substitute Common Ingredients

When cutting lectins out of your daily food consumption, it can be difficult to give up foods and beverages that you love or have become accustomed to. Find substitutes to swap out so that you are able to still enjoy these without worrying about the lectins they contain. For example, proteins like steak are usually safe to eat if you purchase grass-fed variety, as well as eggs that are only pasture-raised. Substitute your preferred cooking oil with an alternative like algae oil, or switch out soy tofu for hemp tofu, an option that is growing in popularity.

Transitioning to a lifestyle without lectins in your diet does not have to be an arduous task. With these tips, you are guaranteed to be able to eat all of the foods you love without worrying about harmful food sensitivities.