Want to Keep Your Kids Active and Entertained: Get a Pool

Loretta Jane

Summertime can be a challenging time when it comes to kids. Not only do parents need to think of a way to keep the kids occupied during their break from school, but a lack of activity could also be a factor. Kid's want to play video games, surf the Internet or even watch TV, not exactly ways to be active. If the family can't afford to actually go on a vacation it can become even more of a challenge. So, how can a parent combat the problem of kids not having healthy activity during the summer? Well, one way to do this and to also provide a way to cool off is a swimming pool. Whether it you are looking at custom pools in Houston to install or a simple kiddie pool in New York this is a solution that could help but be mindful it will have obligations of its own.

Pool Safety 101

Before going into the fun and the health benefits of having a pool for kids let's discuss the elephant in the room. That's right the safety concerns, we hear all the time of an accidental drowning. These happen with younger kids but can even happen with older kids and even adults if proper pool safety isn't followed. The first course of action is to always keep the pool gated up. Make sure that any doors leading out to the pool are kept locked when the pool isn't in use. Next thing is to enroll the kids in a swimming class, the younger the better on this one, helps a kid to be able to properly navigate inside the pool. Make sure kids understand that although pools are fun, water can be dangerous, so just like when learning to ride a bike there will be rules that have to be followed. One more piece of advice always has the kids supervised while they are in the pool by an adult, parents can take turns monitoring, better yet take part in the fun themselves, what better way to keep track of their kids in the pool.

Fun Pool Games

Now that we have gone into pool safety now let's go into some pool fun. No doubt kids who have become good swimmers will find having a simple race from one side of the pool to the other good fun. There is another type of race that can be just as fun and that is doing a beach ball race which is pushing beach balls from one end to the other seeing who can make it first. Another fun idea is playing the classic game Simon says which would basically be doing some basic water exercises while in the pool. These are just a few examples of the type of fun-filled games that kids could play in the pool with their parents.

Health Benefits of a Pool

Besides keeping kids cool in hot summer months a pool provides excellent activity. In fact, pools are considered an ideal way in which to exercise. Not only does the water make individuals feel as if the impact is low while just the opposite is true, Plus kids will find it to be just plain fun, which is even more beneficial. Let's face it we all tend to enjoy working out more when it doesn't feel like we are working out. So, a pool not only provides fun in the sun during the summer, and a way to take an in-home vacation but provide kids with good healthy activity. Not only will the kids benefit from it but so will the parents as well, and it will also provide some quality family time as well.