Walking Your Dog Can Improve Your Families Health


Many find joy walking with a dog to not only get out of the house and bond with their pet, but to also improve their mental health. When you’re taking your dog on a walk, there are a few pregame activities and accessories that you should think about before you take your route. Here are some tips about how to get ready for a walk with your furry friend.

Use a Harness

No matter how good your dog’s leash manners are, pretty much every dog is going to prefer going on a walk with a harness instead of a leash around his or her neck. When something is just too tempting to not pursue such as another animal, you may simply have to give your dog a hard pull. However, you don’t want to pull on your dog’s neck and cause him or her to experience pain or discomfort. A harness will allow you to pull on your dog’s chest and front shoulder area, avoiding injury and giving you better control. Some dogs simply don’t understand that a pull in the wrong direction or a rushing too far ahead of you is what’s causing the strain on the neck. Ultimately, a harness is going to give your dog a more comfortable walking experience, alleviate your anxiety about pulling on your dog’s neck, and give you better control over your dog, especially if you two are comparable in size.

Fuel Yourself

In addition to getting hydrated and having a little something to eat, you can optimize your endurance for an excursion with your dog by taking a supplement that will boost your energy. Le-Vel thrive can help you enhance your stamina and feel a little more ready to take on an energy consuming physical activity when you’re making preparations to take your dog on a walk. When you take a supplement that will give you some extra energy, you’ll be less likely to run out of steam halfway through your walk when your dog is ready to push on ahead and continue your explorations together.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

When you’re going out to cover a large distance with your dog, put form over fashion and wear your comfiest shoes. You don’t want to have to quit just because your feet hurt. Walking your dog is an exercise opportunity for you as well, so you want to be wearing the right footwear to walk as much as you can.

Bring Water for the Both of You

A long walk is going to entail working up a thirst. Both you and your dog may want to be able to take a quick water break. Bring a bottle of cold water and a collapsible dog bowl so you can both get some much needed refreshment. Alternatively, if you like drinking something instead of water like a sports drink, you can each have your drink. You can get your dog a water bottle that’s specifically made for dogs to be able to drink from.

Don’t Forget Bags

When you’re taking your dog out, you have to remember to bring bags to pick up your dog’s waste. You can get a handy lightweight holder that clips onto your dog’s leash and dispenses plastic bags so you won’t ever forget to bring a bag with you when you head out.

Pack Some Training Treats if You Need Them

When your dog is still learning leash manners, some training treats are an excellent tool to help show him or her the ropes. Good walking conduct can be rewarded with some healthy training treats and prevent your dog from pulling too hard. Also, training treats are a good distraction when your dog is approaching another dog to get into a scuffle. Remember, your dog may be eager to display his or her dominance to the other neighborhood dogs, or he or she may feel protective towards you when there’s another dog heading your way.

Getting physically ready and bringing the right accessories will all make for a good walk. Walking with you is probably one of your dog’s favorite things to do, so make sure that you’re as ready as you can be every time that you go out.