Upgrading the Bathroom Can Upgrade the House

Kevin Gardner

Some might leave the bathroom upgrades as the last remodeling project thinking they are the smallest rooms in a house. They are in fact one of the rooms we spend the most time in and where we begin and end our day. Not to mention all the stops in between. Elevating the bathroom can be one of the most effective upgrades you can give your home, as it is the place we go to get clean, take care of hygiene, and maybe most importantly get a little time alone for self-care. Efficiency, cleanliness, and comfort are what create a stellar bathroom. These simple upgrades can totally reformat the feeling of comfort in your home. Even if you are not looking to do major work, a few equipment upgrades can make it feel like you completely redid the bathroom. A poorly designed or neglected bathroom will adversely affect the rest of the house. So it's something to consider when picking the first room to start upgrading in your home.


According to Feng Shui, the bathroom can be the most important room to focus on because of its ability to become imbalanced so fast. Two upgrades that can easily help keep your bathrooms energy balanced is efficiency in keeping it clean and painting with light natural colors. Bathrooms are infamous for getting cluttered and hard to keep clean. Upgrading the storage and ways of accessing objects can have a huge impact on keeping things neat and tidy. Usually, it is a challenge to create the right amount of storage in a bathroom due to the size and fitting in all the basics. Floating shelves and spin out cabinets can save room as well as be hidden away and easily organized.

Often times the challenge is organizing multiple peoples products and maintaining a clutter-free room. Make space for every object. If there isn't space, it's time to start thinking about what you can get rid of. We often use our bathrooms like an old storage unit of products and odd collections. Before buying new organizational tools, go through all the items in the bathroom and get rid of anything that you don't absolutely need. Once you have a clear view of what you do want to keep, you can go shopping to best serve those needs.


Paint colors can have one of the largest effects when doing upgrades. Refreshing paint, in general, can uplift and refresh a stale bathroom. Keeping natural and subtle colors help the small space look more open as well as not change the light reflecting in the mirrors. If you prefer a little color in your decor, choose any color of your choice in a soft subtle tone. Light colors also make it easier to see and keep it clean. If you are working with a large spacious area, a little more color can be added to create interest and dimension. White is the cleanest color but can sometimes feel sterile, depending on the different aesthetics. Choosing an off white, sand, or creams can give the same cleanliness but also a touch of warmth. The best wall colors mimic the natural light you would have outside.

Staying with neutral and natural choices can open up for color when you are picking accessories. Just be careful not to add too many different color choices, which again could look cluttered.


An upgrade in a bathroom can often be a downgrade in items in the bathroom. The only items taking up floor and counter space should have dual functionality. If there is little wall space, baskets on the floor can be great for storing extra towels in a beautiful upgraded way. Good lighting can change everything. Even if you change nothing else in the bathroom, if you upgrade the way you light, it can change the way everything feels and looks in that room. Every bathroom will be used for different priorities, lightning needs to address those priorities. If applying makeup and doing hair, using lighting specifically for these activities will be such an update to your space. If relaxation and comfort are a priority, choosing soft ambient lighting and adding candles can be enough to upgrade the environment.


A bathroom can have very different decor and design than all the other rooms in the house. You do not necessarily have to match your bathroom decor with the rest of the house. The bathroom is a great place to introduce natural materials into your design aesthetic. Natural materials bring a sense of peace and tranquility that most find pleasing in a bathroom. Instead of fabric bath mats which are mostly polyurethane, try bamboo or wooden bath mats. Natural materials do well in damp wet places and there is less worry about clean up. Hardwood dowel rod towel racks can be another way to incorporate natural materials and keeping design themes on point. Choose one natural material and design the entire bathroom in that concept. This minimal natural look can bring a lot of tranquility and calm upgrades to your bathroom. Wood, stone, metal, and water can be natural elements to bring to the decor choices. Adding stones around your drains can add a simple design choice that can add a very different feeling to the whole room or bath.


There are a few instances where the upgrade of a bathroom is best served by knocking down a wall or two. In modern construction sometimes closets end up becoming the bathroom. When there is barely room to sit down, turn around, or bend over, it is time for a deconstruction upgrade. Many old apartment buildings in New York City still have bathrooms with no sink. This was a design from railroad housing when multiple families lived in one apartment. In modern life, a bathroom without a sink just doesn't work anymore. Its time to do a little demo to get big upgrades.

Often a tiny bathroom will be fine for a single person, but once a family is involved, more space is needed. This upgrade can involve the construction of a second or third bathroom in the home. With the addition of bathrooms comes an upgrade to the worth of the house. More bathrooms equal a higher price tag if you are wanting to sell. Even building out a new half bath can up your asking price. Choices such as Jacuzzi bathtubs, waterfall showers, and faucets or ornate floors and draining systems can also add to the total value of the home.


One of the smallest actions you can take every day is solving small problems that could eventually turn into bigger problems. Small leaks in the faucets, small amounts of bubbling paint from moisture, signs of mildew and moisture, broken fans or electrical issues and more. Towel racks that are wobbly and creating holes in the wall, to clogged drains...These are the everyday upgrades we can stay on top of to keep bigger problems from forming. If you are going to do nothing else, these small fixes can save tons of money by preventing bigger more serious work from being done. Prevention and maintenance can save you big bucks in the long term.


Last but not least are the elements that bring water to your bathroom and take it away. You might not think these are bathroom related since they are built to be seamless and automatic, but the pipes bringing in the water and the pipes leading it to the septic tank are vitally important when thinking about upgrades. Everyone wants to feel clean and rejuvenated once they leave a bathroom. If there are problems with pipes, the connection of the abode, or in the septic, it will be very noticeable and frustrating. Making sure the septic is healthy and up to date and the water pipes in good condition are vital to the functionality of the bathroom. It will also be important if you are choosing to do bathroom demolition to know exactly where the water pipes are before making holes in the wall. While attempting to do upgrades, you might accidentally bust the main water pipe. If lead pipes are still within your walls, going in and replacing the pipes could be the most vital to a house upgrade. Lead and old pipes have been proven to cause illness and toxins to the water supply.

Every bathroom has its own situation and special requirements. Even when doing small upgrades you want someone who knows what they are doing to help you. It is always best to hire a general contractor or professional who knows all the inner workings behind the walls. Even if you are only upgrading through style and design it is great to look to professionals who specialize in home design, feng shui, or interior design. Don't let your bathroom remain a space that brings the whole house down. Every day is a great day to begin the project upgrade.